Words On Birds by Steve Grinley

Fun Descriptions for Groups of Common Birds
June 11, 2016
By Steve Grinley

     In a prior column, I shared with you a list of venereal terms for groups of birds such as a “charm of goldfinches” or a “murder of crows”. One of the birding Listserves also had some lists of “fun” descriptions for birds. I thought that I would share some of my favorites with you again today:

A hood of Robins
A litter of Catbirds
A ridicule of Mockingbirds
A nebula of Starlings
An alphabet of Jays
A maniac of Ravens
A garagesale of Juncos
A w.c. fielding of Chickadees
A frankincense of Murres
A suite of Bitterns
An album of Rock Wrens
An outfield of Flycatchers
A tankful of Petrels
A Ulysses of Brant
An 8×10 of Glossy Ibis.
A shishkebab of Skuas
A coronation of Emperor Geese
A drift of Snow Geese
A timber of Wood Ducks
A wave of Surf Scoters
A brass of Horned Grebes
A triangle of Bermuda Petrels
A tart of American Bitterns
An illusion of Merlins
An hilarity of Laughing Gulls
An applause of Clapper Rails
A dune of Sandhill Cranes
A haze of Purple Sandpipers
A ladle of Spoonbills
A mint of Franklin’s Gulls
A glimmer of Northern Flickers
An oxymoron of Greater Pewees
A tickle of Ivory Gulls
A dagwood of Sandwich Terns
A workshop of Elf Owls
A pilot of Palm Warblers
A range of Ovenbirds
A tinkling of Bell’s Vireos
A hangover of Red-eyed Vireos
A derby of Kentucky Warblers
A fifth of Wild Turkeys
A tanning of Bronzed Cowbirds
A lamentation of Mourning Warblers
A lettering of Scarlet Tanagers
An oxidation of Rusty Blackbirds
A chain of Bobolinks
A paddling of Red-tails.
And last but not least: An asylum of Common Loons

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