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Shop Small This Holiday Season

With the pandemic still lingering, we encourage you to “shop small” this holiday season. By
shopping small, you support your local businesses and avoid the crowds at the big box stores and
malls. We continue to source more of our products locally to support the crafts and small
manufacturers closer to home. They appreciate your continued support, as do we.

With more of us staying and working from home, more are learning to enjoy the birds and the
natural world around us. It provides some tranquility and helps us to cope with all that is going on. This holiday season, you may find more of those on your gift list in need of the serenity that birds can provide. Bird watching is still a relatively inexpensive hobby and you can give someone the gift
of nature with a bird feeder, birdhouse, or a pair of binoculars.

Keeping products in stock has been particularly challenging this past year. We have worked hard
to bring in more of our most popular items to ensure they can be under your tree this Christmas.
We are well stocked on Squirrel Busters and Aspects tube feeders, as well as bluebird, oriole and
hummingbird feeders. We will be running in-store specials on many of these items, many priced
below our website prices.

We are also well stocked on most binoculars and scopes with only a few exceptions. The manufacturers are running some specials which you will see below or on our website. We will also be running in-store specials on several models of higher-end binoculars and scopes that we cannot advertise. So please do stop in the store for the best deals.

We have more items still arriving daily; so do come in early for the best selection! To encourage you
to shop with us, and in celebration of more than 25 years of serving you, we again will be offering
25% OFF ONE ENTIRE PURCHASE, except seed, suet, optics, and sale items. You will need to use the coupon that you will find at the end of this newsletter and it is good until the end of the year!

Artwork on Display (and for sale)
Our walls are currently also graced with the modern multi-media artwork by our own John-Paul
Jimenez. Most are images of birds that you know and all are for sale. We also have photographic
modern metal prints by Kristine Patti available for sale. Stop by and view our gallery of fine art!

What’s New & Gift Suggestions?

If you haven’t been in the store lately, you will discover many new items. Here is a sampling of the gifts that you may find when you visit:

– Locally designed, printed, and handmade, Laterzees placemats, potholders, tea towels, Swedish
dishcloths, drink wraps, cosmetic pouches and shoulder bags – all made in Georgetown!

Wallets and purses from Shagwear with many bird designs.

Placemat & Napkin sets, tote bags, potholders, eyeglass holders, and facemasks in attractive
bird prints by local Sewphisticated Handcrafts.

New Charley Harper Jigsaw Puzzles, as well as other new puzzles, including Madd Capp poster puzzles, challenging puzzles in the shape of your favorite birds in 100, 300, and 500 pieces!

2022 Wall Calendars, Engagement Calendars, and Page-A-Day Calendars.

Maine Balsam Pillows, Sachets, and Draft Stoppers to bring the scent of the north woods into your home this holiday, and all winter long.

Cobane Glass, Brushkin Plant-Based, and Wild Woolies Hand-Felted Bird Ornaments are well
stocked and looking forward to adorning someone’s tree this year!

– We are well stocked with BIRDHOUSES including hand painted and estate quality houses with copper, patina, or shingled roofs. Many are locally made in New England, including Woody’s Gazebo Houses and Feeders from Monson, MA. We have houses for wrens, chickadees, bluebirds,
woodpeckers, and even screech owls and wood ducks! Birdhouses always make great gifts!

– We also have a good supply of our best selling Squirrel Buster Feeders, purchased before their
most recent price increase so that we can pass the savings on to you.

New Children’s Toys including binoculars, scopes, head lamps, kites, puppets, puzzles and

…And so many more great gift items for the bird lovers on your holiday list!

Optics News

Binoculars and spotting scopes make special gifts for the bird or nature enthusiast on your list. We have in-store SPECIALS on select binoculars and spotting scopes in all price ranges including full-size binoculars starting under $100 and Spotting Scopes under $300!

New Swarovski NL Pure Binoculars, now in 32mm sizes and the NEW 115mm Objective Lens
for its ATX/STX scopes are now in stock! Come in and see our deals on ATX/STX scopes!

Zeiss Binoculars (Victory SF, Conquest HD and Terra ED) are also in stock, but shop early for
best selection.

Swarovski has reduced the price on its EL Series of binoculars. They have discontinued their 8×32, 10×32 ELs but we have a few pairs left if you shop early.

Nikon is running short term instant rebates on several of its binoculars and scopes. Check our
website or store for details.

Shop and compare our wide selection of binoculars and scopes to find the right one for you!

Backyard Birds Update

We haven’t experienced the influx of winter finches yet that we had last year, but we can expect some
Pine Siskins and Redpolls to join the goldfinches at your feeders during the winter. Juncos and Tree
Sparrows are back, feeding on millet under the feeders.

Temperatures are dipping below freezing, so it is time to put those heating deicers in your bird bath or
plug in your heated bird bath. The birds love having water available in the colder weather and
become more dependent upon it once all fresh water sources become frozen. We are sill waiting on
many of our orders for heated birdbaths, but we do expect more to arrive in December.

Many birds will roost in your birdhouses during the winter, so do keep them up, or put us new ones for
winter roosting. Also consider putting up roosting boxes or roosting pockets (small straw houses) to
help birds through the cold months ahead. Some Bluebirds stay the winter and feed mainly on berries
but many visit suet or mealworms at backyard feeders.

Field Birding Update

The first Snowy Owl has been spotted on Plum Island. Flocks of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks
have been seen on Plum Island and Salisbury as well. A few purple finches have been seen and a
few scattered reports of evening grosbeaks and crossbills have been posted. Pine grosbeaks and
Bohemian waxwings should be looked for as well this winter.

Bufflehead and long-tailed ducks are appearing in Newburyport Harbor. Rafts of scoters and eiders
can be seen at the mouth of the harbor and all along the coast. There are also increasing numbers of
loons and grebes just offshore. A few razorbills and murres have been spotted, and gannets can be
seen diving for fish just offshore.

Ring-necked Ducks, Ruddy Ducks and Mergansers are gathering in area ponds and reservoirs. As
the temperature drops, more Bald Eagles will be seen fishing the Merrimack River.

Our Website

Our website has been updated with many more of our products in all categories. Check it out at: Utilize it to view products, but do come in the store for a greater
selection and holiday pricing!

Newsletter and Loyal Customer Special!

Because you subscribe to our newsletter, and you obviously read it if you are reading this far, we wish to offer you a special thank you with the attached coupon below.

Wishing safe and joyous Holidays to you and your family.
We hope to see you during the holiday season ahead!

Steve, Margo, Barrett, John-Paul, Martha, Bob and Katrina

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