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Spring 2018


Optics Day with Swarovski Optik. Sunday, April 8 2018, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Bird Watcher’s Supply & Gift. A Swarovski Representative will be here with their latest products and will answer all of your questions. Come see the new BTX, binocular eyepiece module, for Swarovski’s newest ATX/STX Spotting Scopes! You can even trade your old Swarovski optics for an instant rebate toward the latest technology!

This is a FREE event where you can view, compare and purchase Swarovski products, and /or any of our other binoculars and scopes, in all price ranges, from Zeiss, Kowa, Nikon, Ricoh Pentax and Opticron, as well as Manfrotto Tripods. There are additional discounts and rebates on select products from the various manufacturers.

At our Optics Day, everyone will receive an ADDITIONAL discount on all binoculars, scopes and tripods to offset the Massachusetts Sales Tax – so we will pay the tax, not you!
There is no pre-registration for this event, just come and enjoy! We hope to see you at our Optics Day on Sunday, April 8!

Backyard Birds Update


The spring robins are arriving and the first phoebes are finding their way back to Essex County. These birds won’t come to feeders, but the robins will enjoy a bird bath!
Robins and phoebes will nest on eaves or under a deck and both of these birds might make use of a nesting shelf if you have one available.

Bluebirds will also enjoy a bird bath as they are arriving and are checking nesting boxes already. Be sure your bird houses are cleaned out for spring occupancy and now through May is a good time to add additional nest boxes. Bluebirds, and many other birds, will have two and sometimes three broods if weather permits. Chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, wrens, tree swallows, purple martins, and all the woodpeckers may be looking for nest boxes right though June.

The male goldfinches are starting turn into their bright yellow and black breeding plumage. They are ravenous at the feeders these days while the weather has been so unpredictable. There is still not much natural seed around so do keep the seed and suet feeders full for all the birds this spring. Chipping sparrows are arriving and a few fox sparrows and white-crowned sparrows may stop at your feeders on their way north. Keep an eye out for sapsuckers at your suet feeder as they make their way north as well.

The first hummingbirds will arrive later in April, as will the orioles, as the apple and cherry blossoms start to emerge. So putting up your hummingbird and oriole feeders during the last couple of weeks of April may catch some of the early arrivers. The majority of these birds will be here in May.

Field Birding Updates

Though a few snowy owls are lingering on Plum Island and at the Salisbury Beach State Reservation, many spring migrants are coming in. Ospreys are returning to their nesting platforms. Migrating kestrels and other hawks are already being counted on the Plum Island Hawk Watch at Lot 1 and if you are on the island, you should stop by help spot some of the migrating raptors!

Great and snowy egrets, along with glossy ibis are back feeding in the marshes. A few yellowlegs and pectoral sandpipers have arrived. The killdeer are back, and many Wilson’s snipe are being counted in area fields. Woodcock are performing their spring courtship ritual in the evenings.

Tree swallows have started to arrive and, if you live near water, they may also be checking out your bluebirds boxes. Soon to follow will be the purple martins returning to their colonies and, perhaps, looking to start a new “condo complex” in the area.

The first of the warblers should arrive in the next weeks. Palm, pine and black-throated green warblers should arrive in April with the majority of warblers coming through in May. May is when we can expect the rose-breasted grosbeaks, scarlet tanagers, indigo bunting, vireos and flycatchers. Can’t wait!

What's New

Ceramic and Glass Bird Baths have arrived with more on the way. Our cement baths should be arriving any day now. Let’s hope the weather cooperates!

New T-Shirts have come in with more on the way!

New Kowa Spotting Scopes are in. Come see them on Optics Day, April 8! New Owl and Corvid Bookends to dress up your book shelves.

More Windchimes from Majestic Bells and glass chimes with Cardinal and Owl motifs.

New “Breadbox” In-room Window Bird Feeder with 2-Way Mirror. Brings birds “into” your living room! Great for kids and adults!

Easy Step-in-ground Poles for mounting Bird Houses.

Common Loon Tote bags.

Many New Earrings, Jig-saw Puzzles, Watercolor Notecards and so much more!

On Sale

We still have one pair of “old model” Zeiss Victory SF Binoculars 10x42. Regularly$2945, save 30% NOW $1995 . Zeiss is offering additional 10% discounts on all new model Victory SF as well as the Zeiss Conquest models.

We have one pair of Swarovski CL 10x30 Binoculars on close-out at $995! Save $260!

We also have a few pairs of used binoculars and spotting scopes on consignment at the store. These are listed on our website.

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